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Nutmeg by ERTL

Dave’s Racing Collectible’s is proud to announce that we are the owners of Nutmeg Collectibles, producers of Vintage Modified Coupes in 1/64 & 1/25 scale.

1/64 Scale vintage coupes can be found HERE.

Dave's Racing Collectibles is in charge of souvenir sales at the Orange County Fair
Speedway. For T-Shirts, Hats and other items please CHECK HERE

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richiebook.jpg (36267 bytes)    Bugsybook.jpg (34041 bytes)   

paveddirtbook181.jpg (19041 bytes) 


buzautograp1.JPG (45949 bytes)      buzautograp2.JPG (41422 bytes)
1/17-19/04 Buzzie Reutimann signing cars in PA

wimblesignweb.JPG (50621 bytes)      wimblesignweb2.JPG (37516 bytes)
1/15-17/05 Bill Wimble signing cars in PA

freddysign1.JPG (238846 bytes)  freddysign2.JPG (173759 bytes)  freddysign3.JPG (292812 bytes)
1/13-15/06 Freddy Adam signing cars in PA

hearnsign1.JPG (233768 bytes)    hearnsign2.JPG (157288 bytes)
1/13/06 Brett Hearn signing cars in PA

Dave's Racing Collectibles is in charge of souvenir sales at the Orange County Fair
Speedway. For T-Shirts, Hats and other items please CHECK HERE

1/25 Scale
New Mold 1/25 Scale Coupe
coupeinside3.JPG (44880 bytes)
  coupeinside4.JPG (38649 bytes)  coupeinside1.JPG (50317 bytes)

coupeinside2.JPG (48231 bytes)  coupeunder.jpg (28807 bytes)  coupebodyoff.JPG (47240 bytes)

We have been asked many questions about the details of the 1/25 cars, new and old. I will try to answer some of the questions. Issues 1 through 16 descriptions are below, new mold car pictures are above, cars are all metal chassis & body.

  • The body of the cars are one piece solid die cast metal

  • The chassis of the body is one piece molded plastic on Issues 1-4 and the engine is molded in one solid color on Issues 1 & 2).

  • Interior is also molded in one solid color.

  • Tires are rubber and wheels are molded in correct color for the particular car

  • Starting with Issue 3 the cars were sequentially numbered and a heavier box has been designed for all issues to follow

  • Starting with issue 4, engines have more colors.

  • Starting with Issue 5 cars had a metal chassis

  • Starting with Issue 6 there was a new design for tires and wheels, Treaded tires for dirt drivers and a slick for asphalt drivers, the tires are also wider in the rear than the front to give it a more accurate look.

  • Starting with Issue 17 a new body and chassis have been produced. Past issue cars will NOT be reproduced on the new mold. The same driver may be used again but in a different car (Evans, Stevens etc.).

buzzie1.JPG (30676 bytes)
Buzzie Reutimann Issue 1 1/25 Scale

Qty: Price: $125.00 

2frankieissue225.JPG (31382 bytes) 1 of 1,250
Frankie Schneider Issue 2 1/25 Scale

Qty: Price: $100.00 

tas4.JPG (28214 bytes) 1 of 1,500
Al Tasnady Issue 3 1/25 Scale

Qty: Price: $75.00 

7hoag.JPG (31633 bytes)
Dutch Hoag Issue 4 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $75.00 

24cagleiss525.JPG (27821 bytes) 1 of 1,500 1st w/ Metal Chassis
Will Cagle Issue 5 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $65.00 

1charlienutiss625.JPG (38085 bytes) 1 of 1,500
Charlie Jarzombek Issue 6 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $75.00 

7issbugsynut25.JPG (33521 bytes) 1 of 1,000
Bugsy Stevens Issue 7 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $85.00

1ragsiss8nut25.JPG (31551 bytes) 1 of 750
Rags Carter Issue 8 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $75.00 

33wimbleiss9nut25.JPG (30570 bytes) 1of 750
Bill Wimble Issue 9 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $75.00 
10issueslater25.JPG (29366 bytes)
Bill Slater Issue 10 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $75.00 

Tom Baldwin Issue 11 1/25 Scale Nutmeg
Qty: Price: $85.00 

12issue61evansnut25.JPG (30789 bytes)
Richie Evans Issue 12 1/25 Scale

 Qty: Price: $150.00 

13isslazzaronut25.JPG (45790 bytes)
Lou Lazzaro Issue 13 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $85.00 

14iss8adamcoachl25.jpg (29152 bytes) 1 of 744
Freddy Adam Issue 14 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $70.00 

15issueshampinenut25.jpg (36268 bytes) 1 of 744
Jim Shampine Issue 15 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $85.00 

16issolsennut25.JPG (35838 bytes) 1 of 744
Budd Olsen Issue 16 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $65.00 

New Mold

61.jpg (51356 bytes) 1 of 1260
Richie Evans Issue 17 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $65.00 

15.JPG (30968 bytes) 1 of  852
Bug Stevens Issue 18 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $60.00 

11.jpg (52460 bytes) 1 of 756
Ray Hendrick Issue 19 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $65.00 

360.JPG (30859 bytes) 1 of 756
Don Diffendorf Issue 20 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

21issflemkenut25.jpg (42101 bytes) 1 of 756
Ed Flemke Issue 21 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

22isscoffinnut25.jpg (45151 bytes) 1 of 756
Red Coffin Issue 22 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

23isshearnenut25.jpg (33221 bytes) 1 of 756
Gil Hearne Issue 23 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

24isskneiselnut25.jpg (33346 bytes) 1 of 756
Dave Kneisel Issue 24 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

25isscoreynut25.jpg (45949 bytes) 1 of 504
Pete Corey Issue 25 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $55.00 

26issjjohnsonnut25.jpg (49776 bytes) 1 of 504
Jack Johnson Issue 26 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $65.00 


Custom Hand Decaled
These cars are hand made. They are not part of any production run or part of our series.

Don Mac Tavish L&R Custom Made 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $85.00 

61langcust.jpg (52683 bytes)
Richie Evans 61 Langhorne Custom Made 1/25 Scale

99bodinecust.jpg (43083 bytes) 99bodinecustroof1.jpg (35136 bytes)
Geoff Bodine 99 TK McLean Custom Made 1/25 Scale

3charlandcustom.JPG (40710 bytes) Mod3.jpg (16427 bytes)
Rene Charland 3 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

Rene Charland drove this 3 car at Utica Rome Speedway. He did not drive this exact body style though, as you can see in the picture. This car is more of a tribute to pay homage him than to be an exact replica.

Qty: Price: $85.00 

45ronluxcustom25.JPG (44332 bytes)
Ron Lux was a resident of Buffalo and drove under the pseudonym of Bucky Buckholtz. He also drove using a borrowed USAC license from Bob Hodgson trying to avoid sanctions from USAC, which at the time did not permit their drivers to run in non-sanctioned events. Ron Lux was the Supermodified driver points champion of New York's Oswego Speedway in 1965, with a #2, and won the Orange County Eastern States 200 in 1965. He also set fast time with the #45 for the first asphalt Langhorne National Open (Race of Champions) event in 1965. He died at the age of 26 in a racing accident.
Ron Lux 45 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

3coreycustomyellow25.jpg (31815 bytes)
Pete Corey 3NY Rock Pharmacy Dirt Custom Made 1/25 Scale

 These cars are hand made. They are not part of any production run or part of our series.

7wilsonwheelcuston25.jpg (31238 bytes)
Bill Wilson 7 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

666bottchercoach25.JPG (116506 bytes)
This car is made on the original Nutmeg Coach mold
Bobby Bottcher 666 Coach Custom Made 1/25 Scale

666bottchercoupe25.JPG (65493 bytes)
Bobby Bottcher 666 Coupe Custom Made 1/25 Scale

33wimblecustom25.JPG (60969 bytes)
Bill Wimble 33 Coupe Custom Made 1/25 Scale

24shoemakercustom25.jpg (72419 bytes)
Kenny Shoemaker 24 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

111shoe_color2.JPG (86082 bytes)
Kenny Shoemaker 111 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

43grecopinkcustom25.jpg (66618 bytes)
Billy Greco 43 Pink Tasmanian Devil Custom Made 1/25 Scale

sonneycustom.JPG (53677 bytes)
Sonney Seamon 50 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

15_b.jpg (91826 bytes)
Fred DeSarro 15 Wood Chopper Custom Made 1/25 Scale

09santos.JPG (32979 bytes)
Bob Santos 09 Custom Made 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $85.00 

gene.JPG (53090 bytes)
Gene Bergin M-6 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

bernie.JPG (52365 bytes)
Bernie Miller 41 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

Jerry Cook 38 Baynes Custom Made 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $95.00 

50gahan1.JPG (95945 bytes)
Ernie Gahan 50 Custom Made 1/25 Scale

These cars are hand made. They are not part of any production run or part of our series.


1/25 Scale Original Mold
This is the original mold used in early 90's, 4 cars were made on this mold. 3 cars were officially released, the 4th was never picked up by original owner and was sold out to a liquidator by ERTL when bought by RC, so they are very hard to find. Many have been found out West, the driver is Al Tasnady.

026jmcl25nut.JPG (24861 bytes) Issue 2
Jackie McLaughlin Issue 2 Old Mold 1/25 Scale
Qty: Price: $40.00 


Original Nutmeg Matchbox Asphalt Modifieds are located   HERE

Original Nutmeg Matchbox Sprint Car are located   HERE

racearenapic.jpg (127284 bytes)
"Danbury Racearena - Remember When"
Danbury Racearena was a very special time and place for many of us. This print is about the Drivers, Owners, the Pit Crews, the Fans and everyone else who were all part of what made the Danbury Races such an incredible time in our lives. Most of all "Remember When" and its imagery is about rekindling the special memories and events that live on in our minds.
Limited edition of 1000 individually signed & numbered by artist Thom Montanari
Danbury SNYRA Remember When Print
Qty: Price: $100.00 

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Send all questions to: davesracing@sbcglobal.net