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Custom Made 1/25 Dirt cars

Dave's Racing Collectibles is in charge of souvenir sales at the Orange County Fair
Speedway. For T-Shirts, Hats and other items please

1/25 Scale Dirt Modified Short Run Pricing

12 cars are the minimum amount for a vinyl decaled car to be produced.

Cars are a base price of $65.00 for a solid color car. This includes: price of car, decals and assembly of final product.

There can be an extra charge for more colors depending on complexity of paint job required.

A ONE time art charge of $250.00 is required regardless of amount of cars made, which will be added to base price of cars.

Examples of pricing:
12 cars - One time art charge 250.00 plus price of 12 cars ($780.00) = a total of $1,030.00 ($85.84/car)
48 cars - One time art charge 250.00 plus price of 48 cars ($3,120.00) = a total of $3,370.00 (70.21/car)

After initial order for cars, more cars can be purchased at a cost of $65.00 each (minimum 12); there is no extra artwork charge as long as same paint scheme/decals are used.

Shipping is a separate charge based on your location and amount of cars produced. You may also pick them up to save this cost.

A deposit is required before any work will be done. The deposit will be based on how many cars are ordered.

To get started we will need the artwork from your graphics designer who made the original decals for your actual car. Pictures are need of the car from all 4 sides and the roof. Try to take pictures from straight on; diagonal shots do not really help with art.

Some Orange County Drivers on painted bases:
4stormsblsr25.jpg (56933 bytes)    4stormswinsr25.jpg (58341 bytes)    66heotzlersr25.jpg (59959 bytes)
             Michael Storms regular & win                        Jeff Heotzler

Eric Fisher on a white base:
37c1.JPG (47593 bytes)
  37c2.JPG (68371 bytes)  37c3.JPG (51340 bytes)

Tony Steiner on a white base:
13t.JPG (50256 bytes)  13.JPG (55959 bytes)  13r.JPG (57883 bytes)

Dave's Racing Promo on a white base:
54drcpromofr.jpg (32881 bytes)  54drcpromorear.jpg (41908 bytes)  54drcpromoright.jpg (45631 bytes)

Craig Mitchell on a 3 color painted car:
93mitchellfr.jpg (38279 bytes)  93mitchellr.jpg (49527 bytes)  93mitchellleft.jpg (41622 bytes)

Cars made by our customers:
diecast4.jpg (71027 bytes)  diecast2.jpg (118031 bytes)  diecast3.jpg (94287 bytes)

777rightside.JPG (65287 bytes)  777overhead.JPG (64909 bytes)  777leftside.JPG (57840 bytes)

777hood.jpg (55027 bytes)  777rearover.JPG (46125 bytes)  777front.JPG (46979 bytes)

33xr.JPG (39201 bytes)  33xy.JPG (51111 bytes)

94tmacjreckcustom25.JPG (45918 bytes)  94tmacjreckcustom25side.JPG (57208 bytes)

1side.JPG (49028 bytes)  1roof.jpg (67429 bytes)  1hood.jpg (74779 bytes)

00dealtcustomgaryjrsm.JPG (51659 bytes)

rustycoupe.JPG (38169 bytes)  rustycoupe2.JPG (61949 bytes)

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Send all questions to: davesracing@sbcglobal.net